Come With Me on a Forex Trading Journey

Most of what you need to know to trade Forex like a professional can be found on this website, for FREE. If I’ve done my job right the Smart Money Forex Trading Course should be the only place you need to go to learn your way around the dangerous, yet profitable world of Forex trading. It’s not a classic, by any means, but it cuts out the theory and gets to the heart of practical trading, but remember, it’s not the last step on your journey.  You’ll need many hour of computer screen time and practice, practice and more practice.

Everything that is required to trade Forex successfully is within these pages. The only missing ingredient is the trader`s commitment, motivation, and above all, the desire to be successful. I can assist with everything else, but the last part required to complete the puzzle is up to each individual to find. Learning to trade Forex is much like learning karate. If you don’t start out with good instruction you will develop bad habits that will take much longer to correct. If you’ve already had bad instruction, then you’ll need to persevere in order to correct those bad habits.

Teaching is my second love next to trading. I love the teaching. Every time I teach I learn something new and it reinforces the belief that I have in my own trading. Since there is so much bad information out there for potential traders (which is often repeated until it becomes accepted wisdom), I feel lucky to have found a methodology that I know works. I’ve been exposed to some amazing teachers/mentors throughout my life and I believe those teachers have been very influential in helping to shape me as a person. It would be fulfilling for me to have a similar impact on people and watch their lives change for the better as successful Forex traders.

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