Welcome to the Smart Money Forex Trading Course

So you’re tired of losing money in the Forex Market and ending up like this guy…

Forex Chart Going Down

Ready to make some money instead of losing it? The Smart Money Forex trading method will teach you how to do just that!

Notice I didn’t call it a Forex trading “system.” There’s a good reason for that… It’s not just a system that tells you when to take a trade. This is an entire trading method, complete with a strategy for finding, entering and exiting trades, and a money management system to make sure you don’t go broke in the process! The Smart Money Forex Trading Method will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful Forex trader, then you can look like this guy…

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So what makes the Smart Money Forex trading method so great? Here are the main features that make it stand out from all the others.

  • It’s Adaptable: My method works on any currency pair and under any market conditions. It is not a “system” that works now but will fail in the future.
  • It’s Job Friendly: You probably, like most people, have a full-time job. My method can be traded entirely with pending orders and only takes about 20 minutes per day to manage.
  • It’s Time-Tested: My method doesn’t use some flashy new indicator or some weird new technique. It’s based on the time-tested principles of support & resistance, trendlines, and candlesticks patterns.
  • It’s Easy: Yes, things like price action and candlestick patterns can be confusing, but my method isn’t. How’s that possible? Keep reading and you’ll see.

If you’re ready to get started just hit the “next” button.

  • Arno Deberti says:

    Hi Phil;
    Its amazing to see a website like this…….No fees, costs? I’ve been demotrading for the last 4 years after having spent thousands on ebooks, courses, systems, tradingrooms,EA’s etc etc. Have an incredible passion in Forex and would like to trade full time since I have a very very stressfull little business, very frustrated presently because I just don’t seem to do better than 1-2 % growth per month with most months just break even. I’m close to give up on my beloved forex…..will have a look at your method. Thank you with sharing a lot of info for free, but I believe you should start charging at least a small fee for it…….believe me, it also gives everything more creditability……… Warm regards, Arno

  • xplooch says:

    Thanks Phil

    I’m chomping at the bit to work my way through your Ebook

    Good Times

  • Md Anwar Hossain says:

    I read your eBook. I have got an idea about forex trading. I think this will be very help full for fired traders.

  • tebogo says:

    Hey Phil thanks for your material,it’s really helpful.I would like to know when ploting your S/R zones what do u look at?and preferably on which time frames should one use to draw them accurately thank you

  • This Is Really Great Work. Thank You For Sharing Such A Good And Useful Information Here In The Blog

  • Al Shuaib says:

    Great work. Good to get the useful information.

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