Weekly Analysis – March 17, 2013

Hi guys. First off I want to apologize for not having a video analysis this week. I’m sick with the flu right now and my voice is almost completely gone, plus I just don’t feel well enough to shoot a video!

We had some great action last week, with some important lessons that I don’t want to skip, so I will be doing a video wrap-up of last week’s trades and price action later this week, once I get my voice back.


As for upcoming trades this week, there are NONE! The Cyprus news bailout has severely upset the markets, making technical analysis all but impossible for the next few days. I’ll be staying out of all trades until the market stabilizes and we see things moving normally again.

Remember, knowing when not to trade is just as important as knowing when to trade, and the next few days are definitely NOT the time to trade!

I’ll be getting around to all the forum questions and emails I’m behind on later this week, once I start feeling better.


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